They truly are The All-American Rejects

Last Friday on Nov. 4, pop-rock band The All-American Rejects came down to UF to play at Flavet Field.

The concert was free and part of the “Rock The Vote” show, with electronic rock band Magic Men as their opener.

Many students arrived to the event, excited to get very nostalgic while listening to the band play past hits such as “Dirty Little Secret”, “Move Along”, “It Ends Tonight”, and “Gives You Hell.”

The band did not disappoint in that aspect. They also performed their new song, “DGAF,” which Tyson Ritter, lead singer of the band, said was inspired by this year’s presidential election.

Although The All-American Rejects were popular during the early 2000s, with songs perfect for every basic teen movie taking place in a high school, it would have been better for everyone if they stayed there.

Our younger selves may have appreciated The All-American Rejects’ lyrics, but our older selves are now mature enough to realize how basic and awful they actually are. Everything was just a flashback to middle school, a time no one should ever be forced to relive.

Even their newest song lacks substance. With the repeated line of, “We don’t give a f***,” one could easily tell that this band is┬átrying so hard to stay relevant.

It will take some time of listening to better, mature music in order to fully recover from the concert.